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If I’ve learned anything over the years of working in documentary and feature storytelling, it's that a successful interview is one where you connect with your subject.  Oftentimes people are sharing intimate details about their life, so I approach every interview with respect and compassion.  I leverage every ounce of sensibility that I’ve acquired in my nearly thirty years of experience, because ultimately my challenge is to obtain very specific information from non-actors to convey a compelling and believable message for my clients.

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When it comes to directing, my philosophy is all about realizing the client’s vision.  The directive is to execute the storyboard given to me in the most cinematic and dynamic way possible while maintaining the integrity of the brand.  Just as crucial is the technical aspect of directing. I believe that sharing a single vision and working closely with agency creatives, producers and the entire production team is the key to delivering a quality product.

Interview Style


Corporate work is where advertising converges with a documentary approach to produce stories that communicate “commercial” messaging with a tone of reality and credibility.  My take on this genre is to keep it clean, cinematic and all about the message.

At the end of the day, I believe that a corporate production should not just be a simple video, but rather a visually resonating piece that elevates the brand.

Narrative and Life Style

A native of Bogota, Colombia, I moved to New York City in 1973. I developed and affinity for technology and video production at an early age and found myself aggressively pursuing opportunities to work in NYC’s eclectic production scene.


After a decade of working as an editor on a diverse array of projects, I was given the opportunity to direct some television spots as well as a few independent projects... I was hooked.  Since then I have directed television commercials, broadcast programs, live events and documentaries.  In 1993 I brought my experience to South Florida where I quickly acclimated to the local market. Today I edit what I direct, bringing a more seamless and personalized creative workflow to each project.

My prolific and diverse volume of work has led to numerous awards throughout my career including a National Edward R. Murrow, numerous regional Addys, Tellys, Emmys, as well as recognitions for groundbreaking corporate videos.

I feel strongly about putting love into everything I do including my work, as well as the strong relationships that I nurture with colleagues and clients.

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Having lived in the U.S. since the age of three, I have been fortunate enough to travel often to my native country of Colombia, as well as the rest of Latin America.  I believe that this has given me a deep understanding of both cultures and the subtle differences in how to communicate a commercial message within these different markets.


From a technical standpoint, directing on-camera talent is the same no matter what language, but knowing how to connect with your cast and your audience takes cultural sensibility.


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